1. Nick Kroll Loves New Orleans Debauchery

Nick Kroll Loves New Orleans Debauchery

"You're gonna leave with a disease but it's like you got it in a museum."


CONAN: You were just at the super bowl.
I went to the super bowl.
CONAN: Tell us about it.
CONAN: Was it fun?
New Orleans is like the coolest city in the country, I think.
Yeah, give it up for New Orleans, everybody.
They did an amazing job hosting.
There are two cities in the U.S. that are consequence-free like Vegas and New Orleans.
In Vegas there's something synthetic and wind of weird going on.
But the debauchery in New Orleans feels like organic and historic.
You know, like it's a natural -- like you're going to leave with a disease.
But it's like you got it at a museum.
CONAN: Also, people let loose there.
NICK KROLL: Yeah, every meal or you're having a drink -- I don't know it's like breakfast time.
Should I have a bowl of like pig lard and four shots of rail vodka?
And the waiters are like it's New Orleans.
CONAN: So you were at the game for the blackout.
What was it like with the blackout?
NICK KROLL: It was pretty crazy.
What people don't realize, the lights went out and then when it came back up, the two Harbaugh brothers were kissing.
It was like, that's crazy.
And people were like, it's New Orleans.
CONAN: Speaking of travel, I understand you went to Peru.
Why did you go to Peru?
NICK KROLL: My buddy Gary E-mailed me and said you want to go away?
What about macho pichu?
I don't know anything about those ruins.
But the word was so cute.
How could I not go to a place that's called macho pichu?
What are you?
CONAN: Were you recognized in Peru?
NICK KROLL: I actually did get recognized.
It was pretty wild.
Sketch comedy and fantasy football are huge in Peru and Bolivia.
CONAN: I imagine.
It's a deity.
A God, I don't know.
But a diety.
I actually went and shot some stuff there just to try to get the word out on the international markets.
Because it's all about international markets.
CONAN: Let's take a look at this video you shot in Peru.
This is Nick Kroll getting the word out.
NICK KROLL: Like if you like believe, then you probably like "kroll show."
That's what it's like, like automatic fart noises.
You go on reddit and you tweet about it on #krollshow.
CONAN: You made a big difference.
NICK KROLL: I think I did.
CONAN: Was that a yack?
NICK KROLL: It was a bull and an alpaca.
He was a Mr. Show guy.
He's comedy fan.
CONAN: How is the food in Peru?
NICK KROLL: The food is good.
There's a delicacy called qui which is another adorable word.
It's for Guinea pig.
Because I think that's the noise that the Guinea pigs make it's like qui qui.
They call the noise it makes which is weird.
I don't know if I would eat Turkey if it was called --
The cheapest joke I've ever --