1. Nina Dobrev Gets Sex Scene Tips From Her Mom

Nina Dobrev Gets Sex Scene Tips From Her Mom

CONAN Highlight: Nina gets embarassed when she has to tape a love scene in front of her mom and she has specific sexy tips for her.


CONAN: I don't want to sound like a perve but I see you every day when I come to work because you shoot here and your billboard is right outside the building.
And it is quite --
CONAN: It's you with these two dudes.
NINA DOBREV: Half naked.
CONAN: It enrages me, this poster.
I feel so jealous.
I see that every day and it's just what I'm supposed to turn into the studio.
So I'm always looking at you and then just mowing into pedestrians randomly.
NINA DOBREV: I'm sorry to all those people out there.
CONAN: How do you -- that poster, it must be everywhere.
Does your family see that poster?
Are they freaked out by it?
NINA DOBREV: It's reasons like that being half naked on a building makes me happy they live in different countries.
When they're blown up like that.
It makes an awkward family reunion.
CONAN: You're making out with two different guys on the show conte -- constantly.
NINA DOBREV: More than that.
I'm pretty sure I've made out with every guy on the show CONAN: You don't go near them.
What's that --
NINA DOBREV: That's not -- I mean, it's more the awkwardness and the weirdness is like when my mom comes to the set and I have to do like a sex scene.
That can be weird.
When I come off that, she starts giving me notes.
CONAN: What would your mom say to you?
I'm just curious.
NINA DOBREV: Arch your back more.
Look your -- you look sexier if you arch your back.
CONAN: Creepy.
That's intriguing by the way.
NINA DOBREV: I didn't know that --
NINA DOBREV: Always arch your back more.
CONAN: Really cool move with the ladies when you open your shirt to reveal green unitards.