1. Noah Wyle's Failed Prank On Steven Spielberg

Noah Wyle's Failed Prank On Steven Spielberg

After being goaded into it by George Clooney, Noah was punished on "ER" in a breathtakingly weird way.


CONAN: "falling skies," which is extremely popular.
This is your second show with Steven Spielberg, is that right?
NOAH WYLE: He was one of the executive producers of "er."
CONAN: Back in the "er" days, you're young, just starting out.
And Steven Spielberg is one of the executive producers.
Did you have direct contact with him?
NOAH WYLE: We met early on in the process.
He'd show 7-for big events, 100th episode.
He'd get us Christmas presents.
But his involvement was sort of tran genital on that show.
He did a movie called "always" about a year before "er" and we saw that he gave all the cast members a Mazda miata.
CONAN: Really?
NOAH WYLE: And for Christmas he got us all these little cell phones.
Mr. Clooney thought it would be funny if we all wrote, Mr.
Steel berg, thank you for the miata cell phones.
I wrote that letter and that was the last Christmas present I ever got from him.
CONAN: Did George Clooney write it as well?
NOAH WYLE: I don't think so.
CONAN: He screwed you over.
He got you to do it.
NOAH WYLE: Live and learn.
CONAN: I would have learned right away.
He's involved --
NOAH WYLE: All over this show.
He weighs in on the scripts and casting and watches all the episodes and dailies.
He's really hands on in post production in designing all the spaceships and aliens.
This is one of his favorite shows that he produces and he's all over it.
CONAN: Duds -- does he ever come in and say I had this idea.
I had this dream, do this episode.
NOAH WYLE: His kids are great.
The only idea he'd had in "er" he'd worked in an emergency room in high school and he talked about how a dog was brought in once and the doctors gave it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
So the next week a dog was brought into "er," I had to suck on this dog's mouth.
CONAN: Oh, that's a wonderful idea.
NOAH WYLE: Science fiction is his wheelhouse, though.
CONAN: You have two beautiful kids.
You brought them and I was chatting with them.
NOAH WYLE: I've never been more nervous than I am right now.
Both my kids are back staining going that wasn't funny.
CONAN: That's all kids.
I come in the morning, hi, kids, and they're like ewww.
I don't do that Jimmy.
JIMMY: my son does.
Not interested today, dad.
CONAN: Your kids know what you do and you think they're going to want to act or get in the business?
NOAH WYLE: I don't know.
Sometimes they show interest.
My son has a very kind of strong directorial vision.
He comes to visit every once in a while on the set.
We shot a scene once where I had to beat an alien over the head with a shotgun in a steam tunnel.
My son was watching Tiananmen Tori.
I came over and said what did you think?
He goes ah, it was good.
On the last take you hit him six times.
The last one seven.
Six works better.
On the first shot you held the gun over your right shoulder.
Hold it over your left and it will stay in the picture.
CONAN: That kid is good.
We got it.
It's a wrap, let's go.