1. Seth Green Loves To Decorate With Googly Eyes

Seth Green Loves To Decorate With Googly Eyes

Seth's simple formula for fun: Take an ordinary object. Add googly eyes. Enjoy the zaniness!


CONAN: you have four shows on television right now.
Seth: It wasn't like on purpose.
It just sort of happened.
CONAN: you are in demand.
Do you take a lot of naps?
How do you avoid -- when do you sleep?
I do one show and I'm tired.
You have four.
Seth: I don't get a lot of sleep.
But I also -- I have fun where I can, you know what I mean?
I try and recharge my batteries wherever I can.
My friends, Bonnie Burton and Ann Wheaton, introduced me to self-adhesive googly eyes.
And they vandalize stuff.
So every once in a while just for fun I will carry some googly eyes and just stick them on stuff in public places, like gas tanks or door knobs or whatever and it's kind of hilarious to see people see them, and then they just sort of smile about it.
Oh, there's eyes on this thing.
It's almost like it's a face.
That's very funny, ha, ha, ha.
It actually comes in handy if I want to sneak naps but still look busy.
Check it, check it.
CONAN: that's fantastic.
Can I try some?
Do you have extras here?
Can I try some?
Andy, here.
Seth: It's like a really satisfying nap.
CONAN: I've got to try this.
This is something I can use during interviews.
Seth: You've got to get your position just right or it's completely detectable.
CONAN: is this working?
Anyone shooting right now is not going to understand what's going -- anyone tuning in right now is not going to understand what's going on.
People seem to prefer our show this way.
I think we're going to do it like this from now on.
Seth: But you've got to get like --
CONAN: they're not sticking.
Yeah, this is a good one, too.
That was so childish and one of the more enjoyable thinks I've experienced.
Seth: I do a lot of really adult stuff.
CONAN: that was fun.
You've done this for a while.
Didn't you bring -- you brought toys --
Seth: That first time that I came --
CONAN: several times you've brought toys on my show.
But you went on Johnny carson's "tonight Show" and you brought a toy when you were a little kid.
Seth: I was in one of the most awkward and embarrassing times of my life. I was just going into junior high, really wanted to fit in at school and I was a woeful misfit.
It was like, oh, if I dressed like them and I act like them, get my hair cut, then maybe they will like me.
That totally failed.
But there's a record of it on the Johnny carson show, which is me really trying hard.
But I brought ectoplasm from the real ghost busters toy and --
CONAN: you brought slime on Johnny carson's tont Sho?
Seth: I was really into companies and finding ways to connect with them.
I went to the toy fair that year and they gave me a bunch of slime and I'm like I'm totally taking it to "The Tonight Show."
Johnny threw it at Ed McMahon, and Ed McMahon threw it at him and I was like, chaos on television!
CONAN: I think we have a picture of that.
Look at you.
Seth: Yeah.
CONAN: is that from --
Seth: That's my I.O.U. T-shirt and my Coca-Cola sweatpants.
CONAN: a look that never went out of style.
Seth: I've been a fashion Maverick since I was a child, you see?
CONAN: I've got to mention this.
"dads" airs Tuesday nights on fox.
Are you having a good time with it?
Seth: It's so much fun.
It's in front of a live audience, which is like doing a play every week.
But you do it in four days.
We get the script, you rehearse it and put it up in front of the audience and they tell you whether or not it's funny in a hurry.
A lost times the writers will rush in and change the lines and the audience laughs.
Whichever one is better, they use it.
So it's kinds of like a thrill ride, except there's no consequences.
You know what I mean?
Because you perform in front of the audience, and if you mess up, they kinds of like that.
They almost appreciate seeing --
CONAN: they see that you're a human being, too.
Seth: Well, versus watching it on TV.
They're actually experiencing it in front of them.
CONAN: someday we're going to get a live audience in here, instead of this recording we're using tonight.