1. Sochi's Strangest Toilets

Sochi's Strangest Toilets

CONAN Highlight: Think two commodes side by side is the worst the Winter Olympics has to offer? You ain't seen nothing yet.


CONAN: The winter Olympics as I said is supposed to start in two days.
This has been all over the Internet.
This picture of a Sochi bathroom stall with two toilets has been making the rounds.
Then someone tweeted this picture of a toilet facing three chairs.
ANDY: That one is known as the job interview.
CONAN: Well, today even stranger bathroom configurations have surfaced.
There is this toilet five feet off the ground.
There is a toilet over another toilet.
There is a bar there.
There is a toilet next to a sushi chef, I found that very strange.
There are these ski lift toilets.
I don't even know how that works.
Finally, the Olympic medal stand itself, ladies and gentlemen!
[Cheers and Applause]