1. Exclusive "Amazing Spider-Man 2" Trailer

Exclusive "Amazing Spider-Man 2" Trailer

We're excited for the movie, but we think the CGI needs some more work.


CONAN: big, big news from comic-con for all things comic.
They unveiled a preview clip for "the amazing spiderman 2."
Yeah, they showed it.
It was very private an very secret.
And they showed it.
Fans lost their minds.
They're not going to show it again.
We actually got a hold of the clip.
Yes, you're welcome.
We got a hold of it.
And we're risking a lot of legal trouble here but we're just going to go for it.
Take a look.
[Cheers and applause]
ANDY: Nobody.
Not one --
CONAN: I saw one guy start to get up.
Oh, he's being sarcastic.