1. "Star Wars" Spin-Off Trailer: "Yody"

"Star Wars" Spin-Off Trailer: "Yody"

He's only 2 feet tall and about 5 pounds, but Yoda's dream is to play Notre Dame football.


CONAN: Now that Disney owns the franchise, they're going to make spin-off films featuring "Star Wars" characters.
In fact, there's already the first one featuring one of the characters.
And we have it.
Check it out.
Living in a dream world, son.
Now wake up before you hurt yourself and the people who love you.
>> I train champions, not dreamers.
>> Do you seriously think that you could try out for this team?
>> No.
Argue not.
There is no try.
>> He was a small town jeddi with big time dreams.
>> A know tra dame application.
Done you know this school is for smart guys.
Not blue collar guys like us.
>> Yoda here thinks he's going to play football for Notre Dame.
>> You're two feet tall and you're 900 years old.
You belong in a space swamp, not a football field.
>> There's nothing you can do when you choke people with your mind.
Now, suit up and don't let me down.
[Cheers and applause]
>> Come on, tackle out there!
>> Yo, get in there, kid.
 I know you can do it.
>> Come in small packages, yodi.