1. Steven Yeun's Awkward Kissing Technique

Steven Yeun's Awkward Kissing Technique

When Glenn & Maggie finally smooched on "The Walking Dead", it was an eye-opening experience for at least one of them.

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  • Transcript:

    CONAN: Let's talk first about you guys as a couple.
    On the show, you are a couple, people seem to root for you as a couple.
    You guys play it up in public.
    Even though you're not romantically linked.
    LAUREN COHAN: Stop it, Conan.
    CONAN: You do, I have seen pictures of you holding hands, you're taunting the photographers.
    Linking arms, holding hands, it's the same thing.
    It sickens me, you young people.
    Now, your fans are very serious, also very creative.
    They refer to Glenn and Maggie a lot as gleggie.
    LAUREN COHAN: It sounds like a disease.
    CONAN: It sounds like the Scott issue word for phlegm.
    STEVEN YEUN: It's a throw-up sound.
    CONAN: Do you like that name?
    Are you OK as the both of you human beings as being gleggie.
    LAUREN COHAN: The alternative is men.
    STEVEN YEUN: It's good with two nns.
    CONAN: It makes no sense to me.
    I think gleggie is good.
    STEVEN YEUN: It's good.
    LAUREN COHAN: I don't know, do you have another one.
    I don't know what else it could be.
    I think it should be nothing to be with either one of our names.
    It should be uh.
    STEVEN YEUN: Those two.
    CONAN: Andy and I are together are conandy.
    LAUREN COHAN: Or candy.
    STEVEN YEUN: Candy.
    CONAN: Nice, let's change topics.
    CONAN: On the show was a big moment when you guys had your first kiss, huge moment and we actually have a still from that moment when your characters first kiss.
    CONAN: Now, Steven, let's talk about your technique.
    CONAN: Steven, do you see anything wrong there?
    STEVEN YEUN: It looks pretty on point to me.
    CONAN: Pretty on point.
    I'm hoping that's not your, in your private life, your technique, but you keep your eyes open while you're kissing.
    STEVEN YEUN: OK, this is the thing.
    In that moment, Glenn is confused because he is like this beautiful woman is about to kiss me for like just being here and so it's a shock to him.
    He keeps his eyes open to make sure he takes all of it in.
    He is a participant and an observer at the same time.
    [Cheers and Applause]
    STEVEN YEUN: He is an efficient guy.
    CONAN: Yeah, but if you had opened your eyes, there would have been no second kiss.
    I guess a guy, like I am a participant and an observer!
    That's not creating a romantic --
    LAUREN COHAN: At the end when I say to you, were your eyes open, and you said no, now I know you were lying.
    STEVEN YEUN: My bad.