1. Bill Tull's Budget 4th Of July Tips

Bill Tull's Budget 4th Of July Tips

Celebrate America's independence from expensive party items with our insanely cheap propmaster.


CONAN: People are gearing up for fireworks.
You've got barbecues.
Here's the problem though, the economy is in rough shape.
Most people are on a tight budget.
So here with some money-saving fourth of July tips.
Once again our prop master bill.
>> Take a lent roller, roll it in corn, boom, corn on the cob.
CONAN: Here's bill with another tip.
>> Take a rice cake, draw black lines on it.
Boom hamburger.
CONAN: Here's another one.
>> Take your wife, introduce her to another wife, boom fireworks.
CONAN: That works, actually, yeah.
Her's another one.
>> Take your underwear, rip out the bottoms, boom, independence day.
CONAN: Last one.
>> Take a spark plug -- take a sparkler, boom, a sparkler.
They're pretty cute.
[Cheers and applause]
CONAN: It's science!