1. Vin Diesel Drops Some Hints On "Fast & Furious 7"

Vin Diesel Drops Some Hints On "Fast & Furious 7"

Vin wants a chase scene on the Great Wall of China, Conan wants a real-time scene spent in line at the DMV.


CONAN: I'm just curious, what is your workout regimen?
What do I need to do to become this?
The laughing doesn't help me!
It hurts me.
Seriously, what is your workout regimen like?
How intense is it?
VIN DIESEL: You know to be honest with you, it depends what role I'm going to play.
It was funny, last year I had done chronicles, I did Riddick first and then I transitioned into "Fast & Furious.î
My twin brother came out to visit me in London and and was complaining that I didn't have enough of a beer gut to play the mechanic of Don turetto.
So I had to start drinking more beers.
That helped.
CONAN: That was your acting technique.
Drink beer.
VIN DIESEL: All method.
CONAN: We have a shot of you, I think this is training for Riddick doing this move.
CONAN: Yeah, I'm trying -- if I did that move.
If I did that move, my rib cage would break away from my body.
And my legs just clatter on the floor.
That's unbelievable.
How many of those do you do a day?
VIN DIESEL: That was all for the Riddick training.
You have seen stunts we have done where I break out of the chains and I have to be a little more acrobat wick that character.
So they wanted to focus on a core training.
CONAN: That I think would be ultimate core training.
You're like a flag on the side of the house.
We talked about I mentioned how in "Fast & Furious 6" you have this London car chase that's mind-blowing and you have done these car chases in different cities.
Do you guys think ahead and think, you know, there's going to be more of these films what's the next place?
Could we -- could you have a car chase around a Mayan Temple?
CONAN: 1234 at some point you're going to run out.
It's going to be just the Arctic left. Do you think about it?
VIN DIESEL: First of all, it was such a coup to be able to do that.
That quintessential race scene at pick deli circus in London while the Olympics were going on.
But some places that we have in the future there is an amazing sequence that takes place on the wall of China.
CONAN: You're going to drive on the wall of China?
That's fantastic!
You know, it's --
VIN DIESEL: Sure, it's great.
CONAN: You wonder how a car gets up there.
They didn't build car elevators like thousands of years ago.
VIN DIESEL: We have to leave that to my nursing partner.
He will find a way to get the cars up there.
CONAN: Right.
And then old Chinese men jumping out of the way.
And tourists.
CONAN: There's a plane scene, I'm not giving anything away, plane scene in "Fast & Furious 6" that looks quite dangerous and I thought maybe they're using C.G.I. but it was dangerous stunts.
VIN DIESEL: It was definitely a dangerous series of stunts.
All of the fight sequences you see of the plane we have a rotisserie built.
As we're doing the fight sequences, the whole stage is going back and forth 
CONAN: You can fly around.
VIN DIESEL: But with the wire work, it became a very dangerous environment.
That's where Paul worker blew out his knees from that set.
We had to shut down for a little bit and he to go to surgery.
CONAN: Don't think it's getting too dangerous?
CONAN: You should do a lawn to make them less dangerous.
In "fast & furious 8" lightning sequence of violence waiting at the D.M.V.
And shoot it in realtime!
VIN DIESEL: I love that theme!
CONAN: Here in L.A. an hour 40 minutes, get your picture.
Not happy with it.
VIN DIESEL: I love that.
You're right.
That's the thing we need.
CONAN: You need me as your partner and you at the D.M.V.
Real winner for "fast & furious 8.î
We have a clip here.
Can you tell us what this scene is all about?
VIN DIESEL: This is the first time Dom catches up with Lenny.
CONAN: We didn't even know he was alive.
VIN DIESEL: Exactly.
CONAN: Let's look at the scene from "Fast & Furious 6.î
>> Lenny!
>> Lenny.