1. Zach Braff Rewarded His Twitter Followers With A Personal Visit

Zach Braff Rewarded His Twitter Followers With A Personal Visit

Zach so appreciates his fans that he wound up on a pub crawl in Vienna & cleaning some Austrian guys' pool.


CONAN: You have become popular.
You had a facebook contest.
First of all, how many people do you have on facebook?
ZACH BRAFF: Facebook is I think 1.3 million.
And on twitter, I just hit a million.
Got an amazing loyal fan base on the enter web.
CONAN: As it's known.
ZACH BRAFF: That's what the rids are calling it.
CONAN: Bad information.
Don't wear a belt and call it the inner web.
You had a facebook contest.
A lot of people signed up for this contest.
ZACH BRAFF: I was so grateful to my fans.
I told them if I go to your city what would you do?
The guys who submitted a video were these guys from Vienna, Austria.
I didn't know -- the video was by far the funniest was Vienna Austria.
So I kept my word and I went off to Vienna.
CONAN: First, let's show a winning clip from Vienna.
This is Howard.
Teaching you some Austrian, German, having some Austrian breakfast.
Attaching a face to you so nobody recognizes you.
Having Austrian special tiss like beer, schnitzel.
Having your be our slave.
[Cheers and applause]
CONAN: So these guys win.
ZACH BRAFF: It was appear front because I didn't want them -- it was a screening process to make sure they weren't like freaks.
CONAN: Well, clearly they're perfect.
You went to -- I'm just curious, you went to Vienna but you didn't know these people.
ZACH BRAFF: I was scared because I was doing a play in London.
There was a scandal in London.
Something horrible had happened to someone in a basement.
Every time I would say I'm going to Vienna, they would be like, stay out of the basement.
When I went to Vienna, I'm like, I will stay out of the basement.
They were nice kids.
We did pub crawl around Vienna.
Drinking partying.
We jammed.
And we had fun.
They made me clean their pool.
CONAN: Is that true?
In the contest you said I'll do whatever you want.
You get there and they said clean our pool.
ZACH BRAFF: After they said that, they said you anything.
They were nice.
[Austrian accent]
You said anything.
Clean the pool.
No, seriously.
I love that they had leather S. & m gear.
CONAN: Schwarzenegger is from there.
Are there monuments to Schwarzenegger?
ZACH BRAFF: No, Vienna is famous for two people.
Hitler and Mozart.
Early on in the video when I was there.
I had brought a guy to film it.
I thought it would be funny.
Early on they were like can we talk about the elephant in the room?
And I didn't know what the elephant in the room was.
And then they were like should we not talk about Hitler?
Yeah, we want to make a fun, light video.
Let's stick with Mozart.
CONAN: It's weird that that's the first thing they tell you.
Well, we should get this out of the way, Hitler.
ZACH BRAFF: I think they felt like it might come up.
CONAN: Right.
ZACH BRAFF: I wasn't going to bring up Hitler.
I just knew to stay out of the basements.