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Twenty-three-year-old Emma Burton (Zoey Deutch) is finally moving out of her control freak mom’s house, and it’s all going perfectly to plan--right until they switch bodies the night before the move. But unlike "Freaky Friday," Emma and Lisa (Lea Thompson) aren’t switching back after just one day, no matter how many times they passive-aggressively say they truly ‘appreciate’ the other. Stuck as “Switchies" for the foreseeable future, the two waste no time firebombing each other’s lives until they realize the real danger is the growing anti-Switchie movement in the country. Joined by their eternally beaten-down father/husband Justin (Bradley Whitford) and Tesla-obsessed nine-year-old Lucas (Bobby Moynihan), Emma and Lisa will do anything to switch back, even if it kills them--or someone else does. Also starring Giancarlo Esposito, Judy Greer, Sasheer Zamata, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Mitra Jouhari.

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