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Big Tech is at the height of its power, so why are so many people losing faith in Silicon Valley? We've lived through the 'techlash' -- it's time for tech to lash back. Join venture capital legend Noa Lukas as he profiles the monopolies of tomorrow and helps them nail down that billion-dollar valuation, addict a global user base, or move past their recent human rights-related "messaging difficulties.” Innovation is a zero sum game, and whether you're a hacker, a founder or a legacy player being left behind, Noa has the track record and the expertise you need to play Smartr.

Featuring the voices of Tim Heidecker, Kate Berlant, Mitra Jouhari, Joel Kim Booster, and more.

Smartr was created and written by Matt Klinman, Chris Sartinsky, and Sam West (co-creators of The Onion’s "Sex House" and Adult Swim’s "For Profit Online University" and "Smart Pipe"). The podcast was directed by Matt Klinman and Sam West. Executive Producers are Matt Powers, Jeff Ross, and Adam Sachs. Producers are Hanna Armour and Julia Smith.

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