Captain America

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  1. April 22, 2014 - Let¹s face it, anyone named Captain America should be...

    Let's face it, anyone named Captain America should be overweight and have a porn addiction.

  2. Anthony Mackie: Nick Fury Is The Falcon's Dad

    Anthony thought that they looked so similar in "Captain America," that he pretended that Samuel L. Jackson was his...

  3. Anthony Mackie Wants To Strip Down For The Next "Captain America"

    Anthony put in a lot of time at the gym, so for the next installation, he wants to be oiled up in his undies.

  4. April 9, 2014 - Captain America is currently the number one movie in...

    Captain America is currently the number one movie in China. The Chinese say their favorite part is when Captain...

  5. New Captain America Trailer Is Incredibly Tedious

    The Captain's arsenal includes an indestructible shield and industrial-grade baking ingredients.

  6. DJ Qualls' "Captain America" Audition Reel

    The whisper-thin actor is the natural choice to play the pumped-up super-soldier.

  7. New "Captain America" Trailer Is Less Than Thrilling

    By the time Cap is ready to fight the bad guys, they've all died of old age.

  8. New Captain America Preview Seems Really Dull

    It appears that the Star-Spangled Avenger has a LOT of time to burn in his new movie.

  9. New "Captain America" Trailer Is Pretty Boring

    For a big modern action flick, its pacing isn't quite what you would expect.

  10. The New "Captain America" Trailer Looks Really Cheap

    We're not positive, but it looks like Cap got his shield from the 99-cent bin at Wal-Mart.

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