It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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  1. Kaitlin Olson's Super-Awkward, Blackface E.R. Visit

    Kaitlin had a medical emergency but completely forgot that her husband was dressed up special for "Always Sunny."

  2. Kaitlin Olson Loves Her Kids In Her Own Special Way

    Yeah, she calls them "d***bags" and makes them watch her pee, but she's still quite fond of the wee tykes.

  3. The "It's Always Sunny..." Characters Are Devolving

    Dennis, Mac & Charlie started out as just plain ol' creepy, but have blossomed into full-on sociopaths.

  4. Watch Charlie Day Yank Off Danny DeVito's Undies

    CONAN Highlight: The only way Danny would wear tighty-whities is if Charlie slipped them on him personally.

  5. "It's Always Sunny.." 100th Episode Sneak Peek

    Spoiler alert: Mac dies and goes to heaven and it looks FABULOUS.

  6. The "It's Always Sunny..." Guys Are All A Little Gay

    Glenn Howerton is a believer in the sliding spectrum of sexuality. Guess which end Conan & Andy land on?

  7. Charlie Day's EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek of Season 9 Of "It's Always Sunny In...

    CONAN Highlight: We don't want to give away too many surprises, but let's just say it involves a llama & a trapped Frank.

  8. Jason Biggs Ruined Charlie Day's Chance To Be On Broadway

    Charlie was set to star in "The Graduate" but got snaked by the pastry-humping star of "American Pie."

  9. Charlie Day Channels Rick Moranis In "Pacific Rim"

    Charlie was playing a nerdy, glasses-wearing guy with headgear, so it makes sense that there's some overlap.

  10. Charlie Day Makes Conan Record An Impromptu Voice-Over

    Charlie needed Conan's voice for "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," since the sound-alike wasn't cutting it.

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