Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell is the king of the anchor's desk, the race track and Santa's workshop, and sometime he finds time to stop by and give Conan a shave.

What's So Funny: Ron Burgundy Tours Amsterdam With Daft Punk
  1. Harrison Ford Rocked His Own Ron Burgundy-Style Mustache

    Harrison is fresh from "Anchorman 2" and is convinced Will Ferrell is insane.

  2. What's So Funny: Will Ferrell's Sloppy Make-Out Session On A Bus

    Supervillains, furries, and ta-ta to Tina Fey.

  3. Marion Cotillard Has A Serious Will Ferrell Obsession

    She loves "Blades of Glory" so much, she couldn't control herself when she met Will Ferrell.

  4. What's So Funny: Billy Eichner Asks Will Ferrell "Would Drew Barrymore...

    The Golden Globes are recapped, Johnny Carson is remembered, and Gary Busey talks about hobbits.

  5. Will Ferrell Is All Busted Up Over Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

    CONAN highlight: The star of the new movie "The Campaign" is inconsolable over the break-up of Robsten.

  6. CONAN.XXX Presents: Will Ferrell In "Big Dick, Little Chicks"

    See what happens when these itty-bitty chicks have to deal with a huuuuge dick.

  7. When Will Ferrell Met George W. Bush

    Will recalls back in 2000, when then-Governor Dubya visited SNL.

  8. Will Ferrell Hates Little Russian Gymnast Girls

    When Will watches the Olympics, his patriotism kicks into overdrive.

  9. Will Ferrell's Misadventures In Stadium Sports

    Whether it's World Cup Soccer or Major League Baseball, things don't go smoothly for Will.

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