1. Alexander Skarsgard Likes Aggressive Women

Alexander Skarsgard Likes Aggressive Women

But take note ladies: Alexander won't bite you on your neck, no matter how nicely you ask.


CONAN: Again, I had no idea how tall you are.
You are quite tall.
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: You are quite tall.
CONAN: That was sort of known.
CONAN: Now we're together and we will fight.
I have to mention something.
There has been a phenomenon all day.
A lot of people screaming for you, women screaming for you.
CONAN: A lot of women and one guy.
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: Thank you, one guy.
CONAN: I'm just curious, how forward are women with you?
I mean, does it get to the point where they're aggressive?
Are they polite when they see you, how does it work?
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: I like when they're a little aggressive.
CONAN: You like it.
I imagine you would.
CONAN: Do they ever get into your personal space?
Do you ever feel threatened?
We -- we have great fans.
I don't know you that well, but I love you if I got to know you better.
Thank you.
CONAN: I can't believe that worked!
CONAN: She randomly shouted out at a show.
I could grow to love you and respect you.
You realize any woman watching this right now is saying wow, it's that easy.
I'm from Sweden, we're very polite.
I just want to please you.
I'll love you for the rest of my life.
CONAN: OK, we'll work this out in the parking lot after the show.
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD:  So romantic, the parking lot.
CONAN: Yes, it is, actually.
My assistant sona is crazy for you.
She said to me today.
She was like, I want him to bite me, like she said that to me, which I thought was the strangest thing.
Do you have women that want you to bite them on the neck?
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: Yeah, that happens.
CONAN: Don't act like that's a burden.
You're just like yes!
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: I try to avoid that.
I figure with social media and stuff, if you do that once, then that's out there and then you'll end up doing that for the rest of your life, just biting people.
ANDY: That becomes your thing.
People think like, yeah, he'll bite me.
CONAN: You don't want to do that.
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: Thank you for being so supportive.
ANDY: I understand.
A lot of people are filthy.
You don't want to bite them.
CONAN: That's a very good point.
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD:  I want you around all the time.
ANDY: I have a job.
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: I have a premiere on Tuesday, can I -- you come?
ANDY: Can I have Tuesday off?
ANDY: Sorry, I can't make it.
This enraged me.
I was nice.
Hi, ladies, how is it going?
Let me kiss you.
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD:  Was that your voice?
CONAN: That's my voice now.
Hi ya girls.
Here are some flowers I picked.
I got nowhere.
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: Isn't it shocking that didn't work?
Hi ya girls?
Why does it work for you and not for me.
You're a bad guy.
Your character, Eric, is a bad guy.
Ladies go crazy for a bad guy, why?
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD:  He is not a bad guy.
CONAN:, yes, he is a bad guy.
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: He occasionally kills people, but he is not bad, you know.
He is nice about it.
CONAN: Yeah.
He has a nice way of killing people over a thousand-year period.
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: In a polite way, he'll rip you apart.