1. Ellen Page Is Fascinated By The McLobster

Ellen Page Is Fascinated By The McLobster

The seafood treat isn't available at the local L.A. Mickey Dee's, much to Conan's consternation.


CONAN:I come from Boston originally, and, Andy, you're from the midwest.
Moving here to L.A. is strange enough for us.
You're a Canadian.
CONAN: Who moved here -- oh, very nice.
Why are they all in the back?
But you moved here to Los Angeles.
That's got to be a huge culture shock.
ELLEN PAGE: Yeah, it is.
And I'm from Nova Scotia, which is gorgeous and, you know, a peninsula out in the Atlantic ocean, so it's very beautiful.
Lots of trees.
And then you come to L.A. and it's a little intense, yeah.
CONAN: It's the complete opposite experience.
And I would think the one thing that might be making you more comfortable here is that hockey is starting to catch on in this town.
ELLEN PAGE: Yes, yes.
CONAN: You obviously grew up -- all con nadeyans from birth are handed a hockey stick.
ELLEN PAGE: Absolutely.
CONAN: Now hockey is gaining traction here.
The kings have made it --
I watched them win the Stanley Cup last season, which was amazing.
And obviously they're doing well.
So it's super exciting.
CONAN: You just mentioned you're from Nova skoshia.
You tweeted this picture.
You were home for a visit.
This is something that you saw.
I never heard of a Mclobster.
Obviously you were in a McDonald's.
Why is the Mclobster not available here in America?
ELLEN PAGE: I'm not sure.
You should take that up with the McDonald's corgs.
My friends, Shawn, she texted about wanting a loanster roll, like doing everything she cost I informed her about the Mclobster.
It's just at a certain point in the summer.
I'm not sure if people get excited about it.
I've never tried it, but it's a real thing.
CONAN: You just did an amazing endorsement for the Mclobster.
I tried it.
I don't know if anybody cares.
Have you had the Mclobster, Andy?
ANDY: No, I've never heard of it.
CONAN: Apparently they're trying it out in Nova Scotia.
They don't think that we can handle it here in the United States.
We'd try Mclobster, wouldn't we?
[Cheers and applause] Aren't lobsters crawling all over the place in Nova skosh yarks you go out in the yard and pick one up?
ANDY: They're not like ants.
CONAN: My picnic's been united by lobsters again.
ELLEN PAGE: No, there's a lot of land lobsters, which are a big problem.
CONAN: They're driving around in cars.
You mentioned you play hockey.
You're quite athletic.
I think the last time you were on the show you were bouncing a soccer ball off your head.
ELLEN PAGE: You conveniently have a soccer ball under your desk.
CONAN: What?
No picture of it?
OK, thanks for telling me now.
ANDY: Just imagine it.
CONAN: Just imagine it, folks.
We don't have the technology to show you a still of the last time you were here.
How would we ever get that?
My father watching this knows how to get that photo.