1. Alice Eve Wasn't Sure If J.J. Abrams Cast Her In "Star Trek"

Alice Eve Wasn't Sure If J.J. Abrams Cast Her In "Star Trek"

The bonus feature of this story is that Alice does a great J.J. Abrams impression.


CONAN: Love the movie.
Do you remember where you were when you heard you were going to be part of this film?
This is such a big deal.
ALICE EVE: Yeah, I know.
It's a big deal.
I was driving down Santa Monica boulevard and I got a call from J.J. Abrams which doesn't happen every day.
So I pulled over into a car park.
And he proceeded to tell me how he was going to be working with this great team of people and they were also talented and they made this one film.
They were going to do another film.
They were going to do it together and get in great shape.
I think after 20 minutes I said I don't know what he's asking.
CONAN: He's describing a great experience but he's not making it clear whether he's offering the job.
ALICE EVE: Is he just caling to tell me what a great time he's having.
I said I'm sorry, J.J., are you inviting me to do this?
I think that's what's happening.
One step.
Three steps, seven steps.
That was brilliant.
CONAN: We have a clip from the film.
Which part of the movie is this?
Any setup necessary?
ALICE EVE: I don't think it's entirely necessary.
But it's me coming on to the shuttle, the first time you meet my character.
CONAN: Let's take a look at this clip from "Star Trek into darkness."
>> Captain Kirk.
I've been assigned to the enterprise.
>> You requested one?
>> I wish I had.
>> Will the Carol Wallace.
Doctor in applied physics.
>> Impressive credentials.
>> But redundant now that I'm back on the enterprise.
 [Cheers and applause]
CONAN: I love a jealous spock.