1. Alice Eve Was A Naughty Schoolgirl

Alice Eve Was A Naughty Schoolgirl

When her nasty teacher's back was turned, Alice was simulating hot space alien sex at her desk.


CONAN: I love the movie, "Star Trek into darkness."
You're so confident.
You're so radiant.
As a youngster, did you know you wanted to be a performer?
Did you have that kind of confidence?
ALICE EVE: I did know.
I was a little bit of an exhibitionist.
I had to organize that battalion.
>> CONAN: Were you an exhibitionist?
ALICE EVE: I used to lift up my skirt and I feel -- as a 3-year-old, though.
It's like a child thing to do.
And --
CONAN: She was three.
Shut up!
They're like ow!
I think they thought back when I was 21.
ALICE EVE: It stopped by then.
CONAN: Did you get in trouble at school?
Were you a bold youngster, would you say?
ALICE EVE: I did get in trouble a lot in school.
I didn't see the point of school.
So that was a little bit of a stress for me.
But again, that kind of gave me an impetus to move forward.
I had a math teacher who told me, with a brain like mine, I really better leave school now.
CONAN: You're kidding?
ALICE EVE: That's what I thought, I thought you're kidding.
I think she's the reason where I did all right in school at all.
Because after that I decided to work and I went to the university.
CONAN: You went to Oxford, one of the greatest schools in the world.
ALICE EVE: But there's this abusive math teacher who told me I was never going to do anything.
She was actually called miss mold.
CONAN: Miss mold?
That's like a "Harry potter" teacher.
What did you do to annoy her that much?
ALICE EVE: I guess when she turned her back -- it's my fault.
When she turned her back, we used to go down in the chair and do -- like simulate that.
This is awful to me, this situation.
CONAN: Wait a minute.
While you're having sex you go like this?
Wow, because I do that too!
ANDY: I was going to say, so that's what queen Elizabeth is doing.
ALICE EVE: That's exactly what she's doing.
CONAN: We won't even bring up the sound.
ALICE EVE: I thought we thought she was an alien.
Doodle lee doo.
CONAN: And then you started to have sex with the chair.