1. Chris Kluwe Is A Huge World Of Warcraft Nerd

Chris Kluwe Is A Huge World Of Warcraft Nerd

The only time Chris has ever played the "I'm in the NFL" card was trying to get into a rated guild.


CONAN: It's funny because you're such an interesting character.
And you seem atypical of one what might assume from an NFL player.
CHRIS:  That's the thing is that a lot of people have this assumption of NFL players as knuckle dragging -- because you only hear about bad players.
Those are the guys that make the news.
There are a lot of smart players in the locker room.
But you don't hear about them because they take care of business then they go home.
Who wants to report on that?
CONAN: It's not fun.
It doesn't make for a great story.
CHRIS:  It's not fun.
All of a sudden, the swearing they can latch on to and then the human rights stuff.
And you don't generally hear about that in the news.
I feel as role models, we should be good role models not bad role models.
CONAN: It's terrific.
You yourself are not gay.
You don't have any family member -- this is something you took on -- this is a human rights issue.
CHRIS:  To me this is a smaller subset of human rights as a whole.
The thing is is that stheet done practice empathy, every single civilization failed, they've all gone down.
Whether it's conflict from within like oppressing your own people, and the root cause of that is not being able to put other people in their shoes.
I've seen that a lot in our society and I would prefer that we don't go down the drain and instead we endure as a civilization.
[Cheers and applause]
I disagree.
I'm going to take the opposing viewpoint.
CHRIS: Devil's advocate..
CONAN: I think America's had a good run.
It's time to go.
CHRIS: We've had good years.
CONAN: You're quite an avid online gamer.
We were talking about this before the show.
And you've ranked third like nationally in dungeon pro gregs.
I don't even know what that is.
CHRIS: So I'm about to nerd everyone out here which will be amazing.
I'm sure most of the audience will get it.
So I played "world of warcraft."
I was in a rating guild.
You have to defeat the boxes.
I was in a hard core rating.
We took it very, very seriously.
And so at one point we were third in the United States in terms of rating progression which means we stayed up very late at night and kept pounding our heads in boxing until we beat them.
CONAN: It's amazing, because you're an NFL player but it seems that you're most proud of that you ranked third in ranking progression.
CHRIS: That's the only time in my life the hey, I'm an NFL player card when I applied for the rating guild.
And I really wanted to get it.
So I said I'm in the NFL, let me in.
An NFL player is playing so let's let him in.
CONAN: You also played with table top miniatures.
I don't even know what those are.
CHRIS: They're the plastic commuter figurines.
You put them together.
And you paint them. You put them on the table top and you face-off everybody else.
So your general commanding your army.
CONAN: Face-off how?
You throw them at each other?
CHRIS: Like dice.
CONAN: Oh, like chess.
CHRIS: Kind of like chess and Risk combined --
CONAN: You're going to levels of nerd I've never been.
CHRIS: Football is my minor.
CONAN: I have to ask you quickly, at least two pro athletes have come out since your letter.
Do you feel there's a shift -- obviously nationally there's a shift.
You feel that in the NFL there's a shift in sports in general?
CHRIS: Yeah, I do.
I think it's a sign of society as a whole moving towards more tolerance and acceptance.
The NFL is a young man's game.
As each year progresses you see the younger and younger generation coming up through the ranks.
And these guys have been raised with gay friends and family members.
To them it's not a big deal.
We should be more worried about the economy.
CONAN: They have a different prospective.
CHRIS: Gay marriage, who cares about that?
You're starting to see that progression.
CONAN: That's a hopeful message.
CHRIS: It's good.
The old people die off and the young people take over.
[Cheers and applause]
CONAN: There are some here that -- I didn't like that!
They don't know who I am.
Who's that awful host?