1. Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews "Injustice: Gods Among Us"

Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews "Injustice: Gods Among Us"

CONAN Highlight: After playing some of DC Comics' heroes & villains, including Batgirl & General Zod, Conan picks the only character for him, the Flaming C.

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CONAN: Welcome bock to clueless gamer.
Here to tell us more about "injustice: gods among us," my assistant Aaron.
Aaron, good to see you.
AARON: This comic book tells a prequel of the story we're going to see.
CONAN: So you have to read a comic book before you play the video game?
We've entered a new level of nerds.
This is pretty hot and heavy is That Lois lane?
AARON: Yes, that's Lois lane and superman.
CONAN: A lot of nudity and they're making out.
AARON: He gets her pregnant, actually.
That's the kind of story --
CONAN: He gets her superpregnant.
I'm ready to fight.
AARON: On the left we have the heroes, on the right the ville Lance.
Your typical ones.
CONAN: Superman is the best.
AARON: What about -- there's aquaman.
CONAN: Even fish are embarrassed when they see aquaman.
You know who's stupid?
The Archer one.
Who's that?
AARON: Green arrow?
CONAN: Yeah, here comes superman.
How do we stop him?
I have a bow and arrow.
AARON: We were presenting General Zod.
You can download in this July.
CONAN: Everybody, quiet!
I'm downloading General Zod.
Let's play, I'm ready to fight.
I'll be batman.
AARON: I'll play wonder woman.
CONAN: Here comes batman taking a shuttle from Boston to Detroit.
Very dominate I saidy.
With the whip.
AARON: There we go.
CONAN: Now I'm just leaping.
Batman was in Cirque du Soleil form.
I don't know what just happened.
Did we just have sex?
It was quick but she seems happy.
Wonder woman wins?
CONAN: Humiliating.
You know what batman is going to have a hard time performing sexually.
I want to be Lex lute orer -- Lex Luthor in his leather suit.
AARON: We're going to play the second one.
CONAN: That seems creepy, take animals away from their natural habitat?
AARON: Michael Jackson did it.
CONAN: You're right.
Nothing creepy there.
Now I'm button mashing like crazy.
Basically retyping my --
AARON: Oh, my god, I win!
I won!
It turns into real fighting.
I'm going to be bat girl.
CONAN: That guy just influence through space and she's using a rope to get around.
OK, General Zod is good, man.
AARON: Oh, yeah, there we go.
CONAN: You just shot her in the breast.
Where's he taking her?
AARON: Smashed her to the moon.
I think you're ahead in points if you just threw me to the moon.
All I've done is be sarcastic to you.
In the future, that's how you become pope.
You fight bat girl and if you win --
CONAN: We're going to even things up a little bit.
First I'd like you to pick what I think would be a lame character like aquaman and I'm going to be a character that I co-created with Joe Tims.
Flaming C
Love Flaming C
Look at that.
AARON: I'm going to kick your ass.
CONAN: I think not.
Here, put this on.
AARON: What?
CONAN: Put this blindfold on.
And it's femme anyone too, -- item anyone to humiliate you more.
Here we go.
AARON: Am I winning?
CONAN: No, you're doing terribly.
Aquaman wins?
Now you go and celebrate with the only friends you have, the fish.
You're fired.
Where are you going?
You have nowhere to go.
OK, we've been playing "injustice: gods among us."
I liked this game.
I thought it had great visuals.
I'm going to give this thing a play.
If punching him is a high score and if pushing you is sort of a medium scorecards I would give the game -- B+