1. Alex Trebek Has Gone Completely Insane

Alex Trebek Has Gone Completely Insane

CONAN Highlight: Based on the show's bizarrely random answers, it seems like the "Jeopardy!" host has lost his marbles.


CONAN: I watched "Jeopardy!" last week and I hate to say this, but I think maybe Alex Trebek has been hosting that show too long.
I really think so.
I was watching the show and I was watching the show and I think Alex Trebek is starting to lose it.
I really do.
I think he's going off the rails a little bit.
Take a look at this episode.
ALEX TREBEK: Channing Tatum takes vodka, cranberry juice, 400 gallons of blood and lime width.
At this tart fruit juice to make it a sea breeze.
What was the U.S. male.
>> Men at work.
ALEX TREBEK: Steve Carell modern day hit lir romantically leaked to this tractor pull.
Lovely my dear yet oh, so deadly.
The old curiosity shop.
>> $600.
ALEX TREBEK:  Hey, mister, it's a small circular breed of dog but stores bile in a Catholic church.
Rotating art is the cylinder.
This alcoholic beverage is made from the bloodiest Hanukkah oil you have to spit with the wind atop a frozen wondergirl.
His name was Dwight David Eisenhower.
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