1. Scarface II: Addictive Oreos

Scarface II: Addictive Oreos

CONAN Highlight: Everyone's favorite Cuban drug lord has ditched the cocaine for cookies.


CONAN: Researchers and it's true have determined Oreos are addictive as cocaine.
You can see it right there.
That's proof, see.
ANDY: Yeah, the paper.
CONAN: Guess what?
Hollywood has already jumped on the story.
Check out this scene from an upcoming remake of the 1983 classic "scarface.”
CONAN: That was way too long.
ANDY: Nothing.
There was a piece of it wedged in his nostril.
CONAN: Yes, in his nose!
ANDY: Really nasty.
CONAN: Yes, it was awful.
There we go.
ANDY: Be careful of the cell phones.
You have a new screen saver.
CONAN: Yeah.
Right there.
That should come up on your phone.