1. Dave Franco's "Funny Or Die" Fame Is A Double-Edged Sword

Dave Franco's "Funny Or Die" Fame Is A Double-Edged Sword

Dave likes being recognized for his work, even if it's for a short called "Go F@#$ Yourself."


CONAN: Thanks for being here.
DAVE: This is my first late-night talk show appearance.
CONAN: I wouldn't worry about it.
We're very unprofessional.
This probably won't air.
DAVE:  I'm in your hands, man.
Take care of me.
CONAN: I wouldn't worry about it.
You're going to be fine.
CONAN: First of all, you're having this tremendous success.
A lot of the ladies here at the show were very excited when you were booked.
So I'm just curious, are you getting recognized now?
Is it at that phase now where people come up to you and say, oh my God, Dave Franco?
DAVE:  No.
Obviously I'm not a household name by any means.
So if anyone does recognize me, it's not like they see me and they're like, oh, it's Dave Franco.
They're like, that guy maybe looks familiar.
So because of my vague recognizeability, I've actually -- I've been mistaken for myself a few times.
Where someone will come up and be like, you got to look like the drug dealer from ""21 jump street.""
There was one particular instance where I remember I was standing in line for coffee and this guy comes up and he says, you look like the guy from "jump street."
I took it as an opportunity to bait him into complimenting Dave Franco.
So I said something like, oh, thanks, man, that guy is pretty cool, huh?
And he goes, no, that guy is a douchebag.
And I'm like, you're totally correct on that.
So moral of the story, people hate me so much, they're comfortable saying it to my face.
CONAN: No, that's not the case.
It is funny when you're on that line where people know you and they don't.
This happened a couple of years ago.
I had someone not that long ago, they came up to me and they're like, you look like that guy, that guy on Conan.
DAVE: Perfect.
CONAN: Conan, yeah.
Now, you do have -- I mean besides "21 jump street"" and you have this film career, it's taking off for you.
You also have a cult following from your funny or die videos.
People really like those videos.
DAVE:  I hope so.
They've been a ton of fun.
I get to work with one of my best friends from childhood, shout out to Brian McGinn.
Give it up for McGinn.
It's great.
"funny or die," they give us freedom to do whatever we want.
Balls of that we really try to push the envelope and try to bring something new to the table each time.
If you guys haven't seen any of these videos, I would recommend to start with the very classy, very refined video entitled "go \[bleep] yourself."
CONAN: Again, this is your first late-night appearance.
DAVE:  There you go.
The video --
CONAN: Good luck on Charlie rose.
That's way want to say to you.
Old pal.
DAVE:  So the video --
CONAN: We'll say go f yourself.
DAVE:  From now on, I promise.
The video starts with me and this girlfriend and we're in a vicious fight.
Right before she's about to leave and slams the door she tells me to go f myself.
Then it cuts to me in a bar where I am hitting on another version of myself.
CONAN: And it's you.
You're hitting on yourself.
DAVE:  You can kind of imagine where it ends up going.
And so, you know, it's tough to know how to react when people bring up this video, because the fact they're bringing it up implies they've literally seen me have sex with myself.
When people do approach me it's either to tell me how much they hate me or how bad I am at sex.
CONAN: It's sex with yourself, which is even stranger.
DAVE:  Sure.
I wouldn't hopefully know what I would like, right?
CONAN: Could you think you'd be attuned to your own needs as a lover.
EMMY:  As a lover.
CONAN: As a lover.