1. Génesis Rodríguez Selected Her Own Butt Double

Génesis Rodríguez Selected Her Own Butt Double

Or, as Génesis prefers to say, she "picked her own butt" -- which is even better.


CONAN: I loved you in the movie "Casa de mi Padre" with Will Ferrell.
Génesis: He's a great friend.
Conan: I know you have this scene where you're both supposedly naked.
He is massaging -- is that -- and kneading and doing things to your bottom.
Génesis: It was not my butt.
I got to pick my butt.
It was wonderful.
Conan: you got to choose.
Génesis: I like to say pick because it adds to the joke you see.
I got to -- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Conan: better you than him.
What did they -- they bring in butt doubles?
Génesis: They give you this sheet and beautiful, like 20 girls, you get to choose, well that kind of looks like my butt and they show up.
You don't expect them to show up and then they just drop their pants.
And you're like, oh, my, I can't believe they actually did that.
CONAN: Where does this book exist?
Génesis: I'll get you in touch with those people.
Conan: is it at the library?
It's a whole book of bottoms.
Génesis: Yes.
Conan: you choose 10 you like.
Génesis: Yeah.
They come in and drop trou.
They had no shame.
They were just like posing.
I was like, well my butt is going to look really good in this scene.
You just, you see them in action a little bit, you ask them to, you know, move around a little bit.
Conan: is anyone in the room with you?
Génesis: Just girls.
Just girls.
Just to add to the fantasy.
I think.
I'm not sure.
Conan: it's funny.
Did will use a butt double or quse his real butt?
Génesis: That was his butt.
Conan: I think we have that.
Here's Will Ferrell.
Take it away, take it away.
Génesis: I missed it.
Can we pop it back up?
Conan: no, no!
It's "Conan," is the show.
Andy: we don't need Dax calling the shots here.
Conan: you do some dancing in that film.
Do you like a man who canedness dance?
Génesis: I love a man who can dance.
Even if you don't know how to dance, per se, you commit to the dancing part, it just goes really far with me.
One of my best friends, alfie, he is a notorious bad dancer but he does it --
Conan: he goes all out.
Génesis: He does the shopping cart, you know, really picking out what he's fwoning to choose.
He's choosing out from different aisles.
Conan: he does that on the dance floor?
Génesis: Yeah.
Andy: what's sad is in the supermarket he's like this.
Conan: so you're saying a guy doesn't have to be technically good as long as they commit.
Génesis: I saw your moves today.
I love them.
Conan: I'm technically very good.
I don't know what you're saying.
Génesis: Um -- I -- I don't know.
Conan: shouldn't be doing it but commit so it's OK.
Génesis: It was really good, regardless, to me