1. Alex Trebek Has Gone Insane Vol. 3

Alex Trebek Has Gone Insane Vol. 3

Yet more proof that the "Jeopardy!" host has gone stark, raving mad.


CONAN: I'm starting to think Alex Tribeck has been hosting the show for too long.
I'm afraid he's starting to lose it.
Let's take a look.
>> I'll take artist.
ALEX TRIBECK: Helps drain this hot and juicy lizard.
What is expressionism?
>> Let's take hair care for $1,000.
ALEX TRIBECK: The Portuguese call it gol, a hairstyle using live hedgehogs to reduce the risks of birth defects of the brain and spinal fungus.
Back to you, 10.
>> World War II, $2,000.
ALEX TRIBECK:  He forced this Islamic rodent to crush her to death with cheese and had to apologize.
What are juju pets?
>> European holidays for $600.
ALEX TRIBECK: This body part that sometimes things when you yank it off is known for his odor and bite it she does.
ALEX TRIBECK:  It's a bunker.
>> All right.
We'll take a break.
CONAN: I knew two of them.