1. Jennifer Lawrence's Abercrombie & Fitch Modeling Career Was Short-Lived

Jennifer Lawrence's Abercrombie & Fitch Modeling Career Was Short-Lived

She pinpointed her exact moment of failure: "They were model footballing and I was real footballing."


CONAN: Is this true that you modeled before acting.
CONAN: What kind of modeling did you do?
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: I did stuff for Abercrombie and Fitch but you would never know because none of my pictures got released.
CONAN: They took photos of you and never released them?
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: Which I thought was unbelievable.
My agent E-mailed them.
Why didn't you ever use them?
Without any words or explanations they just sent over the photos.
There was a part where they threw us a football at the beach.
Play football.
CONAN: Is this you an other girls?
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: Boys, girls, in betweens.
There's this one picture where the girl is just about to catch the football.
And behind her I'm flared nostrils and I'm like ahh.
And at one point she screamed get her away from me.
Yeah, it was --
CONAN: You were really playing football.
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: I thought overnight I just got really good at football.
And I just realized they were model footballing and I was really playing football.
I'm like these guys suck.
And I ended up losing in the long run.
CONAN: What did you do for the super bowl?
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: I just had a few friends over.
I would hate the super bowl.
And now everybody cares about the super bowl.
And everybody's like commercials.
You're not having a fun time if you're enjoying the commercials.
But then I had five beers and I'm like oh, my God.
I get the beer and football thing.
And then the power outage I was freaking out.
This is your dream, nobody's watching the super bowl.
I was like what's going on?
CONAN: Do you throw a lot of parties?
Well, I kind of have to throw parties at my house because I never leave my house.
I just have to invite people over.
I sound crazy.
CONAN: You will not leave your house, is that true?
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: No, not right now.
CONAN: You just like to lay low and be at your house.
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: I don't have to change my pants.
I don't have to put a bra on and change my pants.
CONAN: That's fantastic.
Well, I'm coming over.
Old creepy guy.
I did the dance, remember?
If you throw a party, what's it like?
Is it restrained or does it get nutty?
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: It's restrained.
There's not too much people, so it can't get too out of control.
It was just a lot of drinking, I guess.
We watched "the puppy bowl."
On the commercials.
Am I the only one?
Do I sound crazy again?
CONAN: No, no.
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: It's just puppies.
And then they have a little camera under the water bowl.
It's genius.
CONAN: Jennifer, this is the beer talking.
There's a camera in the bowl!
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: I know I was getting really, really excited about it --
CONAN: Do you have celebrities over to your house?
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: No, not many celebrities.
Mostly the civilians, the common folk.
Common folk welcome to my house.
CONAN: It's so funny because you can meet anybody.
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: Well, I met Salley field.
And we're going to start a car pool to go to all of these because we were talking about one of these things that we have to go to.
It's getting so annoying, oh, my God.
She was like you know what we should do, and I thought she was going to say, we shouldn't go.
She said, we should start a car pool.
That's not what I thought you were going to say.
CONAN: That sounds great.
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: All the actress nominees we get a mini van.
ANDY: A school bus.
CONAN: You pull over --
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: Just actresses.
CONAN: We've got to go get Affleck.
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: Only actresses.
CONAN: Oh, really?
I just said that.
Don't mean it.
CONAN: I'd be happy to drive it.