1. Jack Nicholson Kicked Maria Menounos Out Of A Lakers Game

Jack Nicholson Kicked Maria Menounos Out Of A Lakers Game

Maria is such a die-hard Celtics fan that she doesn't care who she offends. Even if it's Jack or Kobe Bryant.


CONAN: You're a big Celtics fan.
MARIA: I am.
CONAN: You really get into it, it.
I feel like we're in the wrong town.
MARIA: I know.
CONAN: I grew up going to see the Celtics play back when they were in the garden, back in the olden times, way before your times.
I am not like you.
I kind of, even if I'm watching my team, I don't get crazy.
I'm an introvert when I watch my sports team.
You really get into it.
MARIA: Oh, yeah.
CONAN: You trash talk the players.
You sit on the court and you trash talk the players.
We have a picture of you going nuts.
What's going on here?
Describe what you're saying here.
MARIA: Oh, my God.
The game six against Orlando Magic and I was trying to get in their heads.
I wanted to shift us into winning.
I was like hey, are you ready to go back and eat cotton candy because that's what you're going to be doing!
CONAN: You're not, that's not a good taunt.
It's too complicated.
Are you ready to go to Disneyland because what will happen tomorrow when you lose is you will take a trip -- you got to work on that.
MARIA: We look back and he was white as a ghost.
What is going on?
CONAN: You had a run-in with Kobe, is that right?
MARIA: Yeah, we were on a red carpet just before the all-star game.
He comes up and he is like looking at me like this up and down.
I'm like what are you doing.
He is like you know what I'm doing.
I'm like, no, I don't.
He says I see you're wearing green for your Celtics.
Yep, I am.
He says I actually really respect you.
You stick up for your team and not scared in our territory to show your love.
CONAN: That's nice, he was cool about it.
What does that have to do with looking you up and down?
MARIA: He was doing is like, yeah, I know you're wearing your green shirt for the Celtics.
I couldn't wear a Celtics Jersey.
They wouldn't let me.
I wore a bright green shirt.
CONAN: Did you have a run-in with jack Nicholson, the ultimate Lakers fan?
MARIA: Yeah.
I was at the Lakers game, it was game six in Los Angeles.
We were sitting court side.
We made it our business, our second job to go to all of these games and really rally for our team.
All of a sudden we're courtside and we're screaming going crazy and I get booted.
These guys come and pull us out of courtside.
What is going on?
We end up in the chairman's lounge at halftime.
I'm hiding in this hallway.
All of a sudden jack Nicholson comes out of the bathroom and he is like he, he, he, he.
MARIA: Oh, my God.
He says I see they moved your seat, ha, ha, ha, he got me kicked out.
I heard later he called Jerry buss and had me removed.
CONAN: He said bring her to me!
That one, bring her to me!
MARIA: Oh, my God.
You're so mafia.
This is not right!