1. Nicholas Hoult Channelled Stewie Griffin In "X-Men"

Nicholas Hoult Channelled Stewie Griffin In "X-Men"

CONAN Highlight: Who knew that doing "Frasier" and "Family Guy" impressions were so integral to playing Beast in "X-Men: First Class?"


CONAN: "x-men: First class" people love the film.
It's interesting, you played beast.
But you played a younger one.
So Kelsey grammer's character, you played him younger.
The roles already been established.
NICHOLAS HOULT: That's exactly what Matthew wanted me to do.
Kelsey did a great job.
I just watch Kelsey do what he did.
I would just watch "Fraser" continually.
I would sit there and that would be my thing to get into the accent.
I would walk around and go niles, niles.
CONAN: He wanted to watch you as beast, not as "Fraser."
I watched hours of "cheers."
You tried a lot of voices for the character, including -- is this true for the audition you tried stewy?
Matthew said do one in stewy Griffin's voice.
I thought that's odd.
But I gave it a shot.
Hopefully that tape never comes out.
CONAN: If you do it now, we'll have to tape.
Let's hear a second of your stewy.
[Cheers and applause]
NICHOLAS HOULT: Hey, what's up big I go?
-- what's up, big guy?
You want a soda?
CONAN: Why would he ask you, what kind of director would ask, do it as Minnie mouse?
NICHOLAS HOULT: They want to see how far they can push you and what you'll do for a job.
CONAN: Now put on this little girl's dress and try it.
NICHOLAS HOULT: You know about that as well?
CONAN: I saw that tape.