1. Nicholas Hoult Loved Eating Brains As A Zombie

Nicholas Hoult Loved Eating Brains As A Zombie

In his role in "Warm Bodies," Nicholas sampled lots of brains. They were made from marizpan, so it was pretty tasty, except when it was paired with gross, matted wig hair.


CONAN: You were a zombie in "warm bodies."
I think being a zombie must be pretty difficult.
NICHOLAS HOULT: I didn't have a lot of lines to learn.
CONAN: I didn't think about that.
You can just mutter and moan.
NICHOLAS HOULT: One of my friends were laughing about it.
He said you know what, it's probably the easiest role like an uncharismatic pale guy who moans a lot and slouches when he walks.
CONAN: You thought that's pretty easy.
What about there's a lot of technical stuff.
Like you have to -- there's this great special effect they have.
But you to eat people.
I never understand how that works.
Like how does that work?
NICHOLAS HOULT: The main brain eating for me in that was Dave Franco's brains.
Help didn't want to do it for real for whatever reason.
CONAN: He chickened out of that.
He didn't want to do it.
NICHOLAS HOULT: So we got this dummy.
I would crack his head and eat its brain.
CONAN: What are they made of?
NICHOLAS HOULT: It's quite tasty.
The hair is mixed in with a brain.
I saw it.
I knew it took a while to reset this skull.
I thought, you know what, I'm just going to eat the hair.
CONAN: What?
That's where you say, cut, there's hair in the brain.
We've got to reset it.
I'll be in the trailer.
NICHOLAS HOULT: I thought if I do this, everyone could go home early.
CONAN: So were they proud of you?
NICHOLAS HOULT: I never mentioned until now.
So hopefully -- now I'll get lots of messages going, wow, you're amazing.
CONAN: I don't think you'll get one.
I know that you were just in Africa.
And you tried -- did you try skydiving for the first time?
KEVIN NEALON: I've got a story about that.
About this guy who ent up for miles --
CONAN: Oh, for God sakes.
You jurched out of a plane.
I've never been tempted for a second to do that.
CONAN: I'm terrified.
I ESPN the whole morning thinking I'm doing everything for the last time.
I thought this is the last time I'm brushing my teeth.
This is the last time I going to get in a car.
There was a jumpsuit with tiger print with a little hood and little ears and everything.
I sat there and I thought that's the one.
That's the one I picked.
NICHOLAS HOULT: If I am going to die today, at least everyone, you know, who knows me would go, it's a shame he died but there's a morbid twist to it.
At the funeral he -- they could have a little laugh.
CONAN: And also think, you know, not feel so sorry for you.
The man dressed -- I think we have a picture of you here.
There you are.
That's fantastic.
NICHOLAS HOULT: I didn't have the hood up then.
But it did have the little ears.
It was very cute.
CONAN: I want to make sure I go get this "Jack the giant slayer" and the special effects were fantastic.
There's no brain eating.
NICHOLAS HOULT: No, no, this is me running around swash buckling.
They did motion capture.
It was an amazing special effects.
Most of the stuff is not there when you're there.
CONAN: You're just acting on a green screen.
Yeah, we're going to do the talk show like that one day.
I'll do it from home.
Andy will do it from his home.
And they'll beam us in and we'll do the show.
I think it's a great idea, Conan.
CONAN: You're not invited back.