1. Stephan Merchant's Awkward ATM Fan Interaction

Stephan Merchant's Awkward ATM Fan Interaction

It's odd to Stephen if you go from starry-eyed fan to paranoid weirdo in five seconds flat.


CONAN: You have been so successful.
We are huge fans of yours.
Such a funny, comedic mind.
Your fans are very loyal.
They must, if you're out in the world and someone recognizes you who's a real fan of your work, do they -- are they intrusive or polite?
Stephen: Generally very nice.
The show aired on Sunday and I have been out a couple of times and people already said nice things, which is great.
There's one guy in L.A. and he was a fan but he managed to insult me.
I don't think intentionally.
But we were -- I was at the A.T.M., because I'm an ordinary guy.
CONAN: Yeah.
Stephen: I was at the A.T.M. and guy ahead of me in the line.
Little bit of a line.
And this guy ahead glanced back and saw me.
And he went -- oh, yeah, yeah, oh, yeah.
I know who you are.
I know who you are.
Quite the fan.
Number one fan.
Saw the new show, enjoyed it.
Can I get a photograph?
Can I get a photo?
Take a picture.
He said, do you mind if I get an autograph?
He went to put in his pin number.
Before he did, he looked back at me, covered it up.
CONAN: I love that!
Stephen: Firstly, how terrible of a criminal am I that just before I commit the act, I have my photo taken with the victim at a a scene of the crime and tell the police afterwards, I have just been robbed.
Do you know who the guy was?
Yeah, I got a picture of him!
If only we knew his name!
Oh, he wrote it down for me!
CONAN: That's great.
Stephen: He said he liked the show.
CONAN: I keep picturing him like, oh, not for you!
"hello ladies" airs Sundays at 10:30 on hBo.
Very funny and very pleased for you.
Stephen: Thank you.
CONAN: I love when you are on the show and you're always such a great guest.
Please come back soon.
Stephen: I appreciate it.
CONAN: Also, I feel like you're the alternate universe.
Look at this --
Stephen: I'm like the British you, right?
CONAN: Look at this, when we're together.
Stephen: This is us in a club.
This is how we would be in a club.
[Cheers and Applause]
CONAN: Together!
We could get into a club together!
Individually we can't.
Stephen: I think we're too tall for clubs.
Everyone is here, we can go to a club!
CONAN: Yeah!
Don't include me in that comedy bit.
That took a really bad turn!
Stephen: Oh, come on.
CONAN: You're right.
It's all fun.