The Big Bang Theory

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  1. Jim Parsons' Mayim Bialik Spanking Technique

    CONAN Highlight: "The Big Bang Theory" star spent a LOT of time perfecting the sound his hand made on Blossom's butt.

  2. Jim Parsons & Conan Raid The "Big Bang Theory" Set With A Fan

    Jim treats a CONAN audience member to a very special souvenir from "The Big Bang Theory."

  3. Melissa Rauch's Accidental "Big Bang Theory" Masturbation Scene

    Melissa was just trying to stay warm but to some people, it looked positively hot.

  4. Melissa Rauch's Very Noisy, Very Old NYC Neighbor

    Only in New York City can you find a screeching nonagenarian completely charming.

  5. Nic Cage's "Lincoln" Lost Audition Reel

    He should star in Steven Spielberg's upcoming "The Simon Helberg Story."

  6. Simon Helberg Was A High School Rock God

    His bandmates got all the groupies while Simon was more concerned about the music, man.

  7. Simon Helberg, Pint-Sized Black Belt

    Simon got a black belt at age 10, but his rowdy Russian dojo-mates gave him no respect at all.

  8. Johnny Galecki & Conan Re-Enact "The Goonies"

    CONAN Highlight: Johnny is playing the scrappy underdog, Chunk, while Conan plays the loveably deformed Sloth.

  9. Kunal Nayyar's Tips On Being Married To Miss India

    Kunal is married to a former beauty queen, but despite that, he's learned the value of a well-placed fib.

  10. Kunal Nayyar Teaches Conan The Art Of The Stank Face

    When something is just so good it hurts, that's when Kunal busts out his stank face.

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