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  1. Texas-Sized NCAA Mascots That Shouldn't Dunk

    Just in time for the Final Four, experience the glory of the "Austin Hipster Gored By A Bull" mascot trying to sink a...

  2. NBA Mascots That Should Never Dunk 12/17/13

    We've got no idea what team has a Nun Being Eaten By A Giant Snake as a mascot, but it's here.

  3. NBA Mascots That Should Never Dunk 05/22/13

    We're not sure what team these crappy mascots represent, but they can't be any good.

  4. Charles Barkley & Dick Vitale Announce Weird Dunking Mascots

    The two legendary sports broadcasters join forces for the first time, and a love fest it ain't.

  5. NCAA Mascots That Should Never Dunk 01/10/13

    The NCAA season is in full swing, but you probably won't be seeing these mascots in any halftime shows.

  6. 55 Basketball Mascots Who Should Never Dunk

    You won't see any of these costumed characters during halftime. Thankfully.

  7. NCAA Mascots That Should Never Dunk 03/29/12

    These NCAA mascots have no business dunking. What schools do they represent anyways?!

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