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  1. Zach Braff Shows Off How He Got Monkiefied For "Oz the Great & Powerful"

    Unfortunately, it renders Zach into a disembodied head floating next to Conan.

  2. Zach Braff Got Workout Tips From Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Zach wanted Brad Pitt-abs, so Arnuld advised him to eat a lot of carrots. Which makes SO much sense.

  3. Zach Braff Rewarded His Twitter Followers With A Personal Visit

    Zach so appreciates his fans that he wound up on a pub crawl in Vienna & cleaning some Austrian guys' pool.

  4. The Shocking "Oz: The Great and Powerful" Outtake

    CONAN Highlight: It's so horrific, it couldn't be shown in theaters, lest children be emotionally scarred.

  5. James Franco & Conan Depants Their Dolls

    When James Franco yanks down his "Oz" doll's trousers, Conan can't help but wonder what HIS doll is packing.

  6. James Franco Is Ready To Tour As A Rapper

    His character from "Spring Breaker" is a scuzzy rapper with dreadlocks, and James is ready to take him on the road with...

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