Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul did his own driving for "Need for Speed." We hope he wasn't as method for "Breaking Bad."

  1. Aaron Paul Regrets Serving Champagne To Fans

    CONAN Highlight: Aaron once poured bubbly for a tour bus outside his house, and now he's got a LOT of thirsty lurkers to...

  2. Aaron Paul Did His Own "Need For Speed" Stunts

    Aaron did all his own driving for his new movie, even at the risk of running over his director.

  3. Aaron Paul's Super Bowl Bummer

    Aaron was seated three rows behind the Denver Broncos and cheered his heart out for them, for all the good it did.

  4. Tom Felton Gets Mistaken For Aaron Paul

    Once Tom thought he was talking to a Harry Potter fan, until they asked him to shout "Yeah, bitch!"

  5. Bryan Cranston's Favorite Erotic Fan Letter

    It's an unsettling note...that actually is more about Aaron Paul than Bryan.

  6. Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Show Their Scary Resting Faces

    Bryan & Aaron's faces speak of deeply felt terror; Conan just looks like he's waiting for a bus.

  7. Aaron Paul Can't Stop Saying "Bitch"

    CONAN Highlight: Aaron will drop the B-Bomb at any time on you, your friends, your loved ones, and even unsuspecting...

  8. Aaron Paul Got Marital Advice From The Rolling Stones

    Aaron went backstage at a Rolling Stones concert, and got an up close & boozy encounter with Keith Richards.

  9. Aaron Paul: Season 5 Of "Breaking Bad" Will Be Dirtiest & Darkest Ever

    Aaron Paul talks a little bit about the upcoming season of "Breaking Bad."

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