Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg

Andy Samburg stars in "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2." We can't believe they didn't take the opportunity to call it "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2: The Re-Brunchening."

  1. Andy Samberg Invited Adam Sandler To His Wedding

    Andy hoped that his guests wouldn't pester Adam, but he should have worried about the exact opposite.

  2. Bill Hader Has A Filthy Wife

    Bill swears she's very sweet and demure, but Andy Samberg thinks she's super-smutty.

  3. What's So Funny: The Lonely Island Boys Need Love

    Bill Murray & David Letterman's three decades together, Eliza Coupe sharpens her bitchy nails, & celebrate America...

  4. Andy Samberg Will NOT Make Out With A Bald Eagle

    Frankly, we don't know how that giant eagle got in our audience in the first place or how it bewitched Andy so.

  5. Andy Samberg's SNL Sketch That Never Aired

    The sketch revolved around asking people to join you in the bathroom, so no surprise it got cut.

  6. What's So Funny: Andy Samberg Is Cool In Britannia

    The truth about "The Avengers," Mitt Romney's taxes, the kid from "Sixth Sense," & more!

  7. Andy Samberg's Strangest SNL Memory

    Andy Samberg recalls one of the many late nights he had at Saturday Night Live.

  8. Andy Samberg on Rahm Emanuel & "That's My Boy"

    Andy Samberg explains why he's perfect to play Adam Sandler's son in "That's My Boy."

  9. Andy Samberg Strafes Conan Fans With A G-String Gun!

    CONAN highlight: Andy Samberg came to the Chicago Theater bearing slinky gifts.

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