Bill Hader

Bill Hader

Bill Hader stars in "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2", or as Vin Diesel calls it, "2 Cloudy 2 Meatballs."

  1. Bill Hader's Killer "Star Wars" Impressions

    CONAN Highlight: Attention J.J. Abrams: nobody can pull off a dying tauntaun & Jabba like Bill Hader can.

  2. Bill Hader: Stefon Fans Want To F*** Him

    Bill was just standing on the corner with his baby daughter when he met a VERY randy SNL fan.

  3. Bill Hader's Pork Buns Gross Out Kathie Lee

    Bill loves Momofuku's pork buns, but a certain "Today" host doesn't share his enthusiasm.

  4. Bill Hader & Ty Burrell's Steamy Make-Out Scene

    Bill & Ty had a sexy liplock in their new movie, but it was sadly left on the cutting room floor.

  5. Bill Hader's Unsexy Playboy Mansion Visit

    While naked playmates cavorted about, nerdy Bill quietly sipped coffee and discussed aspect ratios.

  6. Starstruck: Bill Hader Got Emotional Over Mike Nichols

    The "SNL" star had to excuse himself after meeting the director of "The Graduate."

  7. Bill Hader's Awkwardly Profane NYC Cabbie Encounter

    CONAN Highlight: New Yorkers never hold back how they feel, but one cabbie certainly didn't skimp on the F-bombs.

  8. Tumblr Calls Out Bill Hader's Lousy Wardrobe

    Bill's from Oklahoma, but that's no excuse for wearing the same plaid shirt again and again and again.

  9. Bill Hader Has A Filthy Wife

    Bill swears she's very sweet and demure, but Andy Samberg thinks she's super-smutty.

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