Bill Maher

Bill Maher

Bill Maher takes down political buffoons from both sides on "Real Time." Fortunately for us, we're strict Bull Moose Partiers, so we're never offended.

  1. The Pot Cannon Returns To Launch More Weed At More Celebs

    This time, it's cardboard cutouts of Justin Bieber, Bill Maher, and a certain late night sidekick.

  2. Bill Maher Is Gay For Marijuana

    Bill is in love with weed and just wants President Obama to endorse their union.

  3. Bill Maher Is Not A Proud Gun Owner

    He owns a gun, but Bill's not a proud gun owner. "That's like saying I'm a proud remote control owner."

  4. Bill Maher On Mitt Romney And Youthful Stupidity

    Bill Maher compares the mistakes he made as a teenager to the mistakes Mitt Romney made as a teenager.

  5. Bill Maher: Obama Is NOT The First Gay President

    Bill Maher reacts to this week's ridiculous "Newsweek" cover.

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