Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston

We're afraid to even joke around "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston, lest he take it the wrong way and shoot us in our FACE.

  1. Bryan Cranston's Favorite Erotic Fan Letter

    It's an unsettling note...that actually is more about Aaron Paul than Bryan.

  2. Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Show Their Scary Resting Faces

    Bryan & Aaron's faces speak of deeply felt terror; Conan just looks like he's waiting for a bus.

  3. Anna Gunn On What's In Bryan Cranston's Tighty-Whities

    Bryan liked to keep the mood light on set, which usually meant surprise nudity.

  4. Conan Interviews The "Breaking Bad" Creator And Cast

    Watch Conan host an Academy of Arts and Sciences panel with the team behind his favorite show, "Breaking Bad."

  5. Bryan Cranston Is Not Afraid Of Jon Hamm

    Bryan Cranston won 3 Emmys in a row over Jon Hamm, and yes, it's gone to his head.

  6. Former Streaker Bryan Cranston Is Frequently Naked

    Bryan Cranston is comfortable in tighty-whities or his birthday suit for that matter.

  7. What Does Bryan Cranston Think Of Conan's Meth?

    Find out in Conan's "Breaking Bad" themed Twitpic!

  8. Bryan Cranston

  9. Bryan Cranston Interview Pt. 2 07/18/11

    The three time Emmy winning star of "Breaking Bad" brings Conan some of his "special mix", and more! Part two.

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