Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence, but wait till you see her gonzo lip-sync to "Live and Let Die" in "American Hustle." Your Lawrence-love will reach stratospheric new heights.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence Wet The Bed At Age 13

    Jennifer soaked her bedsheets in middle school and couldn't wait to brag about it to her friends.

  2. Jennifer Lawrence Accidentally Botched Bill Clinton's Name

    Jennifer was presenting the former President with an award and unintentionally called him "Gil."

  3. Russell Brand Is Hot For Jennifer Lawrence

    From Jennifer Lawrence to Teresa Palmer, the "Brand X" host is spellbound by the beauty of Hollywood's ladies.

  4. Jennifer Lawrence Stalked John Stamos At A Party

    CONAN Highlight: She was all, "Uncle Jesse," and he was all "Are you on mushrooms?"

  5. Oscar Mystery Solved: Why Jennifer Lawrence Tripped

    CONAN Highlight: Man, Emmanuelle Riva is a pretty sore loser.

  6. Jennifer Lawrence's Abercrombie & Fitch Modeling Career Was...

    She pinpointed her exact moment of failure: "They were model footballing and I was real footballing."

  7. Jennifer Lawrence's Big Break Was As A Mascot On "Monk"

    From dressing up as a furry with Tony Shalhoub to Oscar nominee in just six years!

  8. Rob Riggle Didn't Mean To Ogle Jennifer Lawrence

    CONAN Highlight: Rob explains that he was checking out her BUTT. Big difference!

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