Seth Green

Seth Green

Seth Green is the creator of "Robot Chicken," the best thing to happen to old 80s action figures since eBay.

  1. Seth Green's Embarrassing Throwback Thursday Pics

    Seth gleefully serves up awkward #TBT childhood photos to show what a weird kid he was.

  2. Seth Green Is The Prank King

    Seth turned a cat-sitting job into a bloody episode of "Kitty CSI."

  3. Starstruck: Seth Green Keeps It Together To Direct Don Knotts

    The "Robot Chicken" creator was a pro when working with Mr. Furley himself.

  4. Seth Green Loves To Decorate With Googly Eyes

    Seth's simple formula for fun: Take an ordinary object. Add googly eyes. Enjoy the zaniness!

  5. Seth Green's Wife Has A Very Nerdy Freebie List

    Seth's wife has a very specific, cartoon-heavy list for her consequence-free adultery.

  6. Seth Green Based His "Family Guy" Voice On A Serial Killer

    CONAN Highlight: Who knew that the roots of Chris Griffin's dim croak was Buffalo Bill from "Silence of the Lambs?"

  7. Seth Green Knocked Heads On The Zero-G Vomit Comet

    Seth tried to fly across the zero-gravity plane Superman-style, but ended up zooming headfirst into his friends.

  8. What's So Funny: Seth Green's Awkward Formative Years Revealed

    Objectivism, Liam Neeson, and birdhouses. This is what's funny.

  9. Team Coco Podcast #77: Seth Green

    Seth Green talks to Team Coco's Aaron Bleyaert about risking his life on train tracks for "Robot Chicken."

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