1. Aubrey Plaza's Fans Want Her To Be Mean On-Demand

Aubrey Plaza's Fans Want Her To Be Mean On-Demand

Everyone wants her to be April from "Parks & Rec," so when she gets angry at them, they like it.


CONAN: You look stunning.
AUBREY PLAZA: Oh, thank you.
CONAN: You really do.
You look gorgeous.
That's a beautiful dress.
AUBREY PLAZA:This old thing?
CONAN: Stop doing that.
We're going to have a wonderful time.
Thanks for being here.
CONAN: No, yep is not the correct answer.
Thanks for being here, yep.
AUBREY PLAZA: One tiny pea from my dress.
CONAN: A tiny bead came off.
Rip another one off for Andy.
ANDY: Thank you.
CONAN: It's white chocolate.
ANDY: Good thing it's air conditioned.
Putting that in my pocket.
Later I'm going to be like why is there a baby tooth in my pocket.
CONAN: You're a weird man.
AUBREY PLAZA: My mother has all my baby teeth in her underwear drawer.
CONAN: Seriously?
She's put them in her underwear drawer.
AUBREY PLAZA: She never told me that.
But I found them so now I know.
CONAN: That's a shocking discovery.
First of all, what were you doing going into your mom's underwear drawer?
Suddenly it's gone off limits.
No comment on that.
All right.
Well, we'll move it along.
We're going to talk about the movie in just a minute.
But I want to talk about your character April in "parks and recreation."
I think it would be fun to play a mean character.
Do your fans expect you do be mean?
AUBREY PLAZA: Some of them they do.
A lot of people that recognize me, they back away.
They don't come towards me.
CONAN: They don't approach.
They recoil.
AUBREY PLAZA: I play characters that are mean.
I was in New Orleans recently.
I was standing somewhere on the street and I a couple like came up from behind me and you're her.
Say something mean.
And I was like leave me alone.
And then they started laughing and they didn't go away.
CONAN: Because you're giving them what they want.
AUBREY PLAZA: They were like, do it again.
And I was like leave me the [BEEP] alone.
CONAN: And they're like yeah!
AUBREY PLAZA: And they loved it.
And one time a child, a little girl came up to me at the airport and started crying.
CONAN: Because she recognized you on the show?
She said, excuse me are you April from "parks and recreation"
and she started --
I started giving her things.
Then her dad whisked her away.
CONAN: That looked weird.
A stranger is giving her her hat.
In real life I will attest, you are a very nice person.
Thank you very much, co-nan.
CONAN: I like your southern accent.