1. Aubrey Plaza's Tricky Masturbation Scene

Aubrey Plaza's Tricky Masturbation Scene

CONAN Highlight: Aubrey had to self-pleasure for "The To-Do List." She didn't realize how many crew guys would be on set.


CONAN: There's a scene where you pleasure yourself --
CONAN: How do you approach that kind of scene?
That's got to be a strange thing to shoot on camera.
AUBREY PLAZA: How do I approach it mentally or --
CONAN: Just --
 ANDY: Did you work with an elite core of masturbators?
The seal team six of masturbators.
CONAN: That's an extreme act to simulate on camera.
AUBREY PLAZA: Well, I read it on this page and it said brandy masturbates and in my head I envisioned a nice scene where you see my hand slowly go out of frame.
CONAN: Right, the frame stops and the rest is left to the imagination.
AUBREY PLAZA: That's what I thought I was going into.
But when I showed up the camera was in the ceiling.
I was in my underwear in a Clinton T-shirt.
And there were a bunch of old men smoking.
You know, the true guys.
CONAN: Those are guys working in the crew.
They weren't just random old men.
I've got to check this out!
AUBREY PLAZA: It was crew guys.
They weren't smoking but my memory.
And then I went and then I touched myself.
CONAN: In front of all these guys.
AUBREY PLAZA:  Well in front of America soon.
But I don't know.
The question that I'm answering and my answer is I thought I was doing one thing and when I showed up, there was a whole different thing.
It was a full body shot.
I asked the director, so what should I do?
Masturbate like it says in the script.
CONAN: What a kind directorial note.
Do it like it says in the script!
ANDY: You know the title of this movie!
Now get to work!