1. Tumblr Calls Out Bill Hader's Lousy Wardrobe

Tumblr Calls Out Bill Hader's Lousy Wardrobe

Bill's from Oklahoma, but that's no excuse for wearing the same plaid shirt again and again and again.


CONAN: You look very nice.
BILL HADER:  I know, I know.
I decided to come in a suit.
Apparently there's a blog, a tumbler account of some sort called bill Hader needs a change of clothes.
CONAN: Because you don't wear a suit often.
This is like being sunburned right now.
I don't like wearing nice clothes.
This is weird.
So, yeah, I'm from coastal Oklahoma.
I wear like just plaid shirts everywhere.
I dress like a farmer.
CONAN: What you're saying is that fans noticed this, or a group of fans noticed this and they started to -- that's the problem with the internet.
BILL HADER: They took the time to --
CONAN: Assemble.
And I think we have examples of the website.
BILL HADER: There you go.
CONAN: So basically how many times have you worn that shirt?
That seems like it's the same shirt every time.
How many times have you worn that shirt?
BILL HADER: More than that.
More than those, yeah.
I seem like that was my TV shirt for a long time.
Daddy's going to go on television.
We better put on the TV shirt.
CONAN: Is your wife critical?
BILL HADER: I actually think that this is my wife doing this website.
She's in another room doing this and then coming in and saying, oh my God, look what they're saying about you.
You should do something about that, like today.
Oh my God, that's so mean.
That's what's happening.
CONAN: That's really what your wife sounds like, huh?
BILL HADER: Yeah, yeah, I love you.
She's so happy right now watching this.
CONAN: She just loves this impression.
BILL HADER: She finishes your sentence and leaves her mouth open, yeah, yeah.
I'm in Dutch with the wife.
CONAN: That's what this show does.
I want to congratulate you.
You just got nominated a second time for an Emmy.
You're wrapping up "Saturday Night Live."
You got nominated for -- well deserved.
BILL HADER: Thank you.
CONAN: You're such a funny performer.
I have to say over the years -- I used to work at "Saturday Night Live" years and years and years ago.
Over the years I've seen people who started out on "Saturday Night Live" make it great, and they depart and it's very emotional.
BILL HADER: It's also very weird to leave the city, too, because New York -- you're on the hometown team kind of.
And they have no problem with telling you what they thought of the show on the streets or anything like that.
I was walking with my inn laws once and -- my in-laws and a cab pulled up and this guy pulled the window down and he goes, hey, "SNL," you and your show suck.
I was with my in-laws and I said it was a guy who worked at the show.
And I was like, hey, that's Robby.
He was playing a little joke.
He had the biggest insult there.
Hey, "SNL," that was great last night.
They never open their eyes.
CONAN: Love that guy.
He's going to haunt you your whole life.
BILL HADER: I just moved to Los Angeles.
CONAN: You still suck.
BILL HADER: I watched you on Conan last night.
CONAN: Now, you do such great impressions, such great voices.
Do you try them out on your wife?
CONAN: Relax.
But, no, it was -- my wife and I like watching ""Dateline,""
that guy.
I don't know if you guys have seen him.
He's the "Dateline" guy.
He tells these very horrible stories in very sing-song like.
He's always talking about a horrible thing but his demeanor doesn't change.
BILL HADER: He's so stoked bit.
One time he went, but then there was that D.N.A.
Oh, that pesky D.N.A.
He actually said that, yeah.
And I was like, no, you don't really -- but I would do that around the house.
My wife would say we're going to go have Mexican food.
And I'd say, oh, I don't know if my tummy can handle that.
And she said, you should do that on the show.
And I was like, oh?
OK, I guess I should.
Oh, yeah, you did that on the show.
Oh, man, I'm going to be in so much trouble.