1. Jonny Gomes & Shane Victorino Want To Give Boston Its Own World Series Ring

Jonny Gomes & Shane Victorino Want To Give Boston Its Own World Series Ring

CONAN Highlight: The Red Sox sluggers chalk up their championship to the strength and support of the people of Boston.


CONAN: You guys had an amazing moment, Jonny at the end of or big parade and you laid the trophy down at the marathon finish line and we have a picture of and this was an incredible moment.
It meant a lot to people nationally but particularly to the people of Boston.
Shane: I like that picture better than that picture.
Show them the back.
Jonny: This is what happens when you play for Boston and win a title.
You are allowed to say that.
Shane: This shirt was printed up.
CONAN: You could have written it up.
Shane: But to touch --
CONAN: You were confident -- people were printing up shirts halfway through the season?
Jonny: People weren't, this guy was.
Jonny: That marathon Monday, I mean, that was something I had never been a part of and you have deaths in your family, you know, something like that.
And explosive, a bomb, something so selfish an act not only to Boston but on America and then we're supposed to be the strong legs, strong back to carry everyone and put smiles on everyone's faces.
I think it was the other way around, we jumped on Boston's back.
They wouldn't let us lay it down.
It happened on the finish line.
You were thinking of, let's not go to the basketball game. Even more people came.
Threw Boston strong on the green monster.
If everyone in boston can get a ring, they deserve one, too.