1. Shane Victorino & Jonny Gomes pt. 2 11/05/2013

Shane Victorino & Jonny Gomes pt. 2 11/05/2013

Shane & Jonny reveal that their Red Sox teammate Jake Peavy splurged after the World Series win & bought himself a duck boat.


CONAN: Shane, let's talk about this, you guys, and it's fascinating idea, player for player, the stats wouldn't hold out as the most talented team in the league, but guys had something.
You were the most driven team in the league.
When most people think it is about stats, how did you prove it?
Shane: This team was built on winning.
We looked at it this way.
I could say for a fact, 100%, Jonny, we weren't the most talented team, but we were getting your ass and that's what games made it special and fun.
CONAN: You lightened the mood and had a spirit of fun.
People don't know how important chemistry is in.
Shane: Having a good time and keeping it loose.
The staff didn't go out and get six rodeo clowns.
He got good players.
CONAN: Had been rodeo clowns at one time.
Shane: These guys are good players, David Ross, Dempster.
Stephen Drew.
The massive high-five.
We had one thing on our mind and that was taking a ride on a duck boat.
Jonny: Greatest tradition in all of sports that they ride in duck boats.
Shane: I'm taking it home to Alabama.
Jonny: Peavy showed me his property in Alabama, He owns three-quarters of the State and going through all the pictures and I'm saying, you don't have a duck boat.
So when we go, you buy the exact duck boat that you ride on and ship that pig back to Alabama and He did.
CONAN: He did?
Jonny: He sailed it down there.
Shane: Sailed it down.
Now we can have a world series parade whenever we want.
CONAN: I'm getting a duck boat, and a ring and those shoes.
I'm getting everything.
I'm growing a beard.
Shane, you are well known that you paid through pain a lot.
You are constantly hurt.
Did you realize that you could pain through pain?
Shane: I got hit by a car, fell out of a car.
CONAN: You got hit by a car, and into another car?
Shane: I thought I was being a guy and took my brother's bike for a ride and yeah, slap.
I fly 20 feet into the air.
I have to get out of here.
CONAN: You are hit by a car and got out of there because you thought you were going to get in trouble?
Shane: Finished that story.
My aunt and uncle on the road and I was too little, sometimes you don't follow the rules and regulations, I'm hanging on the door, and boof.
I think there is maybe some pain threshold has been created since --
CONAN: You aren't reeling for young people to roll out of a moving car?
Shane: No.
Jonny: These are the characteristics you need.
CONAN: This is what you want to look for.