1. Shane Victorino & Jonny Gomes Interview Pt. 1 11/05/2013

Shane Victorino & Jonny Gomes Interview Pt. 1 11/05/2013

Shane & Jonny report that the Red Sox have replaced the high-five with the beard tug.


CONAN: Guys, I love the shoes.
The shoes are fantastic.
Jonny: Does that camera have zoom?
CONAN: Take it off.
Wait a minute.
Jonny: Can I take it off.
CONAN: It has an emblem on the side.
Jonny: I don't think you can buy them.
CONAN: I'm going to get those.
You think only the people who won the world series get them?
Getting a ring, too.
Let's talk about the beards.
A lot of players have cut them off.
Don't fondle them in front of me.
It's very strange.
Shane: It hurts.
CONAN: Tasting food from three weeks ago.
When did I have curry?
You replaced the high-five with beard-tuggings.
And we have a photo here, Mr. Napoli tugging your beard and He is practically hanging off it, is that true?
Jonny: The ironic part of that is both his thumbs are in my mouth like a fish.
Jonny: We have done these tugs numerous times, but he had it like a bass.
CONAN: Maybe He was checking for decay.
Shane: It was a pretty important homer at the time and all rules were out on that event.
CONAN: Napoli fears you tugging his beard.
Jonny: We do a lot of the beard tugs.
And I hit behind nap a lot, and he hits a lot of home runs.
CONAN: He won't let you tug his beard.
Look at that.
CONAN: I want to get in there.
I think it's a glue-on.
And then He runs on the dugout.
Jonny: And everybody is doing pull-ups on his beard.
Come on, nap.
Jonny: We are trying to find him.