1. Zooey Deschanel Channels Elvis

Zooey Deschanel Channels Elvis

CONAN Highlight: Zooey figured out the secret to impersonating The King is making just the right snarl.


CONAN: It's the third season of "new girl."
It's been such a success.
You've got to be thrilled.
Zooey: I'm really excited.
I just am thankful that I have a job every day and I get to go to work and work with people I like, so it's nice.
CONAN: it's a lot of fun.
Increasingly, as the writers get used to you, you get used to them.
They throw more stuff at you that looks like it would be a lot of fun.
You came in one day and they said we want you to do an Elvis impression.
Dress up as Elvis and be Elvis Presley.
Zooey: Yeah.
I think -- you know, everybody has their kind of talents or, I guess, areas of, you know, interest.
CONAN: we haven't found mine yet, but we're looking.
I have people out scouring the neighborhoods.
Zooey: So each actor, you know, kind of has their area.
And they just started throwing impressions at me, kind of maybe just as a joke at first and then started throwing weirder and weirder and weirder ones.
And then Elvis was one of my favorites.
CONAN: and you went all out for this.
I think we have a picture of you -- yeah.
We have a close-up.
I mean, the costumes -- you got the trademark.
You've got the snarl.
Zooey: I got really into it.
This is a really fascinating performer, very, very energetic.
I mean, obviously he's an icon.
He's really fun to watch.
So the whole weekend before we started shooting that show I just watched Elvis movies and kind of picked up things Elvis said, like, hey, mama, that sort of thing.
It was all really centered around "hey, mama."
CONAN: you built up on "hey, mama."
Zooey: So it all kind of began from there.
And actually, the Elvis estate sort of had a lot of -- they needed to clear me as being an Elvis impersonator.
They're very protective.
CONAN: you had to get their permission to do it.
Zooey: We had their Elvis cost tules, and it was very -- you know, they're very protective of him.
CONAN: which song did you do?
Zooey: I do "in the ghetto" and "burning love."
They're classic.
There's so many great ones.
CONAN: I listen almost exclusively to the Elvis channel on sire just.
When I'm driving home, I get recognized.
People drive by and I'm just freaking out in the car.
Zooey: Your hair went right back.
CONAN: hey!
Zooey: That was amazing.
CONAN: yeah.
We just found my talent.