1. Steven Ho Kicks Conan's Teeth Out

Steven Ho Kicks Conan's Teeth Out

Our favorite stuntman teaches Conan how to take a shoe right to the face and give a proper bloody reaction.


Oh ow, OK, all right.
That's not reviewing.
that's kicking me and stomping my heart.
That said, I think I took it like a man.
I think I'm ready to go.
STEVEN HO: Let's just stand here.
And settle down a little bit.
CONAN: What's that?
Settle down!
You don't kick a man four times and then tell him to settle down.
We're going to do one more kick.
I'm going to do a hook kick to your head.
CONAN: Yeah.
What do I do?
STEVEN HO:Let's see your basic reaction and take it from there.
CONAN: A fake reaction you won't really hit me in the face?
STEVEN HO: Not yet.
Just stay loose.
And let's -- on three.
Two, one.
CONAN: Like that?
Did that look like anything?
STEVEN HO: It was a little tight.
I think we need to loosen up your shoulders here.
CONAN: The line you use on all guys.
STEVEN HO: Like that.
STEVEN HO: Like this.
CONAN: All right.
That did nothing.
But all right.
STEVEN HO: You just need to loosen up a bit.
Let's try this.
Now that you have that, this is a nice little trick that we do for slow motion close-up.
CONAN: All right.
STEVEN HO: So assuming we're playing for this camera right there --
CONAN: This camera right here.
STEVEN HO: Your frame is tight and can't go in and out of frame.
I'll do this for your own safety because I don't want to kick you for real in the face.
CONAN: Right.
STEVEN HO: You'll put this in my hand and a nice little Hollywood trick and I'll slap you as hard as I can with this shoe.
And you go around and there you are.
There's your take.
CONAN: Why isn't this a fake shoe made of soft march malowe?
This is a hard shoe I asked for a soft shoe.
This is what I got.
CONAN: Who's helping me out?
So you hit me there and I'll go that way.
Let's do something more.
STEVEN HO: Let's give you some blood.
This is movie blood.
CONAN: Movie blood.
STEVEN HO: Some make it out of syrup and others out of yogurt.
I'm not sure what that is.
STEVEN HO: And we can add some teeth to the mix.
CONAN: This is going to be teeth.
So what you want me to do is get hit in the head, turn this way, and have all that stuff come out of my face?
STEVEN HO: Just make sure you project out and spit.
Don't let it dribble.
it has a different effect if it dribbles.
CONAN: Why do you think I get hit and go like --
I know what to do.
STEVEN HO: Make sure you don't swallow.
a warning.
That's all.
Three, two, one.
Play to that camera.
CONAN: Uh-huh.
STEVEN HO: Three, two, one --
CONAN: Can we do that again in slow motion?
Let's see what that looked like. Kabam!
Why didn't we stay on it for 10 minutes after we got hit?
It became this weird silent French film.
STEVEN HO: That wasn't bad.
CONAN: What's next?
STEVEN HO: This is a blood knife.
A rubber tube --
CONAN: Any real knife is a blood knife essentially.
STEVEN HO: So the blood is inside here.
And --
CONAN: The blood is inside --
STEVEN HO: This tube here.
 The tube here filled with blood.
Down the side of the handle.
CONAN: Demonstrate on me right here.
STEVEN HO: And if you trun -- run it along skin and give it a squeeze --
That's pretty cool.
And that would work anywhere?
STEVEN HO: Yeah, you can do it on your face if you like, on your neck.
We need to reload it.
CONAN: This is going to make me look like an idiot.
I went "aaahhh" and there was nothing there.
STEVEN HO: Thank you for asking me.
CONAN: The famous shot of someone -- like a horrible Butchery going on and --
STEVEN HO: Your reaction where you're looking at me and something's happening to me.
And I'm attacking you.
And basically I'm just splattering you with blood.
CONAN: "aah!"
That's it.
CONAN: Thas shitty.
-- that was shitty.
What was that?
STEVEN HO: See more blood?
CONAN: Why did you do that?
STEVEN HO: Hollywood secrets.
Let's take it up a notch.
CONAN: I was wondering how that was done.